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“I help women and couples unpack, digest and understand the impact of their nutrition choices leading up to and during pregnancy so that they can develop healthy habits that will benefit their own health and the health of their growing families.”

I am Danté Botha

Thanks for visiting my site! As you can see,  I am passionate about helping soon-to-be parents have the healthiest baby possible.  How did I get into this niche you may wonder? Well, there are a number of reasons I could give you over a nice cup of coffee and a long chat but two that really stand out for me.


My Background And Passion


My Core

Before I list my reasons for entering into this field I’d like to share something with you. I believe that all dietitians should find something within dietetics to niche or focus in. The human body is a complex and intricate creation and it cannot be mastered as a whole. Never the less, should your nutrition needs not fall into my area of passion, I am happy to help you as best I can!

My Work

Now, to continue. I became a fertility and prenatal focused dietitian because I wanted to start at the root cause. I have always embraced the truth that prevention is better than cure. It was this understanding lead me to investigate where I could have the biggest impact in “changing the world”. At first I thought that was newborns and breastfeeding but as I dug deeper I found that the earliest point at which I could start making a big difference in the future generation was before conception. I couldn’t believe my eyes and ears! How could chronic diseases like diabetes and hypertension, obesity and cardiac disease be programmed in the genes so early on? Even more fascinating, that nutrition, lifestyle, what we consume on a daily basis had a role in all this? Amazing! I had an important job to do and I wasn’t going to let anything get in the way of my mission!


My Passion

The second reason is a lot more personal but linked to the first reason. I lost my sister, Tamryn at the young age of 10 to diabetes. I didn’t know her, I was less than a year when she passed but I always had questions, I still have questions. At first this lead me into the field of diabetes and preventing and managing diabetes in adults but I very quickly realised that that simply wasn’t enough. I wanted to get to the root of the issue not slow the process down, giving advice to parents of obese children. I needed to work with couples wanting to get pregnant, share just how big an impact nutrition plays on their future baby’s health even before they have conceived. Tell them just how important it is to have the healthiest sperm and egg, share how important healthy weight gain during pregnancy is, and in my own way prevent heartbreak and loss in families leaving behind a legacy of life in helping couples have healthy babies. 

My Expertise

I am passionate about helping couples start, grow and nurture their families using evidence based research in nutrition for fertility and pregnancy. Founder and Owner of Danté Dietitians based in Nelspruit, Mpumalanga as well as Pretoria, Gauteng. I offer online and in person consultations to facilitate those both near and far.

I am Danté Dietitians

Nutrition plays a very important and significant role in fertility and pregnancy. The first 1000 days (3 months before conception all the way through to toddlerhood) is the most important and influential period of ones’ life. This crucial period can determine the future health of your child and either set them ahead in life with good health or have lasting consequences due to poor dietary decisions of which they had very little control. 

At Danté Dietitians we believe in helping you give your future children the very best head start to life from the very beginning when is counts most. 

Danté studied B. Dietetics at the University of Pretoria and has additional certifications in Nutrition for Fertility, Nutrition during Pregnancy through Early Life Nutrition Alliance and is a member of ELNA. To find her on ELNA Website search Early Life Nutrition and click “Find a Dietitian”. 

Danté has also received certification for nutrition for preventing and managing Diabetes through the Center for Diabetes and Endocrinology (CDE).


A healthy & natural way to nurture your family.

Why the focus on food for fertility? In the same way that diet plays a very significant role in heart health it also plays a massive role in egg, sperm, ovary, testicular and embryo quality and health. Holistically, whatever is consumed via the mouth, eyes, brain, skin and ears has an influence on the make up of the human body.

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